Our Founding

Picture of Theta

Theta, Owner of Theta Creative

Meet the founder and owner of Theta Creative. Check out the interview below to learn about how he got started and where he’s planning to go from here.

Why did you start making money?

I did it so I could pay for karate.

What was your first money making project?

I sold cookies and Christmas cards.

I sold lots of delicious cookies. They were so yummy. I went to people’s doorsteps and handed out flyers. And then they told me if they wanted cookies or not. I made the cookies and I brought them to them at a certain a time. They paid me when I delivered the cookies.

I designed Christmas cards by drawing on an iPad. Then we had them made and then we had to cut them and fold them and then walk or drive to people’s houses to give them to them.

What was your next money making project?

I started sewing stuffed Wapuus. I wanted stuffed Wapuus to come in the world and for people to start cuddling with the cutest creatures in the world and that’s basically the why part. I went to a conference called WordCamp Jacksonville where the Wapuu is the mascot. Everyone who went to WordCamp and saw them loved them. And I gave them flyers and discounts and they got them.

We had to buy material for them then I had to pin them and trace them and cut them and sew them and put them in a box with a birth certificate.

How did you feel about making Wapuus?

Excited. Almost. After a little while I got bored with making Wapuus. Then when I was done I wanted to make strawberry cookies covered in chocolate.

Why did you decide to start the company?

So I could have a whole page for people to look at instead of a boring little blog. And so I could make money for karate.

Why are you called a serial entrepreneur.

Because I just think of stuff and if they’re possible to make at home we just make them. And if I’m allowed to.

Oh, and also why you hear creative in my company name, that’s basically because my company is creative.