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Merry Christmas!

You can order Christmas Cards, Thank You Cards, and some pin cushions for your favorite people. Thank you for ordering from me. Bye bye & Merry Christmas!

tower of pincushions

Introducing the Pin & Prick

I’ve got a great new, self-sharpening pin cushion for sale over at my store. Check it out. You can even choose to have one made from your own, special fabric.

Halloween Card Designs

Halloween Cards Now On Sale

They’re spooooooooooooooky. If you get one and send one to your friend they will be creeped out, maybe. You can choose a design that you want. Or you can get more than one kind...

Artist rendering of a Frankenstein Wapuu

Win a Frankenstein Wapuu!

I am taking an Entrepreneur class and the purpose of the survey is for business ideas. If you fill out my survey before September 15th you will be entered to win a Frankenstein Wapuu....